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The Barack Obama 2008 Watch!
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Grassroots Volunteers Head to Ohio

Working for the campaign, you naturally think the world is abuzz with talk of Barack Obama -- but sometimes, it really is!

Standing in a coffee shop just now in Washington DC, "Going to Ohio this weekend..." and, "knocking on doors for Obama..." and, "really, really excited..." filtered through the commotion and the overhead Otis Redding over to me and my cup of coffee.  I, of course, had to go ask.

Meet Laura:

Laura lives in Washington DC and works for a summer reading enrichment program.  And, as advertised, she is driving to Columbus, Ohio with a couple of friends this weekend to go knock on doors for Barack Obama.  

What does she like about Barack Obama?

"I'm glad you asked: I like Barack Obama specifically because of his record.  Everybody talks about the speeches, which are amazing, but I knew he was my candidate when I learned about his record in the Illinois State legislature -- particularly the law he passed that required the police to tape the entirety of their interrogations.  It was a bold move to bring fairness to the process -- and everybody opposed him at first.  Everybody said it couldn't be done.  But he not only got it passed -- he got it passed unanimously.  And he did it by bringing people together.  That's what we need in a leader."

Yet another supporter who knows their specifics

And yet another great grassroots supporter pitching in to do the volunteer work that has delivered 10 straight victories for Barack Obama in a row!

To get involved in any of the upcoming states voting on March 4th visit:





And wherever you are, you can get us one step closer to an astonishing one million grassroots donors across this country who are giving in 10's and 20's and 50's every day.

Keep the conversation going, everyone -- at home, in coffee shops, and in the comments below... 

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